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28 Gift Ideas for SLP's: The things we love and use often.

1. Good ink pens for all the writing we do (my favorite are Pilot G-2)

2. Scented wax melts and warmers so that our rooms and offices will smell delightful

3. Coffee, tumblers, and mug warmers because we love our coffee

4. Highlighters, paper clips, white out, scotch tape, and staples for the day to day uses

5. Stickers and stamps to reward the children and fill the behavior charts

6. Bubbles, Mr. Potato Head, puppets, balloons, and magnadoodles are therapy favorites

7. iPad accessories, speech language apps for the inner techy in us

8. Clipboards to hold all our important paperwork and serve as a table when we need to jot something down

9. Nail polish, hand lotion, and manicure kits because we like to keep our hands and nails looking neat

10. Tote bags to carry all of this stuff we use everyday

11. All-purpose cleaning wipes (no bleach-child safe) to keep all toys, materials, furniture, hands, and mouths as clean as possible

12. Mints or chewing gum to keep our breath fresh for those up close and personal speech therapy sessions

13. Cardstock, construction paper, glitter, glue, craft sticks, yarn for our craftier side

14. Sticky notes for all the tasks we think of randomly throughout the day

15. Computer paper, ink, photo paper for all the things we find on Teachers Pay Teachers to print

16. Hot glue gun, glue sticks nice to have for classroom crafts

17. Gift card/certificate to office supply stores for supplies, ASHA for continuing education, Super Duper Publications, Linguisystems, Talk Tools, Target/Wal-mart

18. Alphabet or word magnets for file cabinets or refrigerators

19. Organizers because we are perfectionists, we like to be super organized, and we may have a touch of OCD

20. Games because you can never have too much fun in therapy (Guess Who, Uno Moo, Go Fish, Memory, Trouble, Connect 4, Ants in the Pants, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Granny's Candies, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Old Maid)

21. On the go foods or snacks because we are always on the go

22. Classic children's books are always nice to incorporate into speech language therapy (the sturdier the better)

23. Planners, calendars, clocks, watches, timers because time is of the essence with us

24. Personalized SLP signs/items for office or classroom because we are unique

25. Lanyards to carry all our keys and name badges

26. Label maker, labels to distinguish Language binders from Articulation binders from Social Skills binders

27. Permanent markers of all colors and shapes for sign making and crafts

28. Good book or movie to come home to after a long and productive day at work

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