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Burn Calories During Therapy!

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

For a lot of our little ones under age 3, movement is so important! How many times do you think to yourself, this little guy won't sit still! He isn't concentrating on the activity! Toddlers need to move around, they aren't built to sit still for 60 minutes straight at a table and chair. Parents and therapists should always be as playful, animated, and fun as possible when encouraging speech and language. This is the best way to get your kiddos interested in you and your bag of tricks. What better way to accomplish this then by MOVING! Jump around, be loud, get up, follow the child around, bounce on a yoga ball, stomp, swing, slide, roll, clap, paint, play, dance, sing, hit a balloon around, blow bubbles and pop them, have a scavenger hunt in the house, hold items up high so the child has to reach, crawl, walk, hide, etc. You have a better chance of getting a response by being childlike yourself versus being very serious and still. Hey, you may even shed a few pounds by becoming more active in your sessions.

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