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Feeding Milestones (birth to three)

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birth-4 months: sucks fingers, places hands on bottle during feeding, recognizes a nipple or bottle, pats a bottle with one or both hands

5-6 months: holds bottle independently with one or both hands, mouths and gums solid foods, opens mouth when a spoon is presented

6-9 months: feeds himself crackers, drinks from a cup held by an adult - some loss of liquid, reaches for a spoon when presented/bangs a spoon, prefers a parent to feed

9-12 months: holds a soft cookie in mouth (9 months) and bites through it (12 months), imitates stirring with a spoon, eats lumpy, mashed food, chews using a rotary jaw action (emerging)

12-18 months: grasps a spoon with a full hand, brings a full spoon to mouth, turning spoon over, begins to drink through a straw, holds a cup with two hands, drinks with four or five consecutive swallows

18-24 months: gives up the bottle, scoops food with a spoon and brings to mouth with spillage, drinks from a cup with limited spillage, swallows with lip closure, self-feeds frequently, chews a broad range of food, has precise up/down tongue movements

24-36 months: bites through a variety of food thicknesses, brings a spoon/fork to mouth, palm up, self-feeds with little spillage, holds a small, open cup in one hand with little spillage, chews with lips closed, chews using stable rotary jaw action

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