You're never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book

and read to a child.

Dr. Suess

​Hosting a party is so easy and so much fun! I do all the work and you get to pick out FREE and HALF PRICED books! I can do baby shower parties, birthday parties, host with a friend or spouse parties, holiday themed parties - you name it, I can do it! Why wouldn't you book one?! Contact me today and we'll plan your party!

​Usborne Books is the 2014 Children's Publisher of the Year, offering over 2,000 books for babies through young adult. Usborne books are no more expensive than the books you'll find in a bookstore, but they are so much more engaging, interactive and educational. There truly is something for every age, interest and ability. 

 Not only am I building up an amazing library of books for my speech dept, but I am also making some extra cash while promoting a love for reading to others! Other perks include getting to work from home, 25% commission, making your own schedule, 25% discount, supportive team and resources and the rewarding feeling you get knowing you shared a book with a child.


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